WWDC Keynote wrap-up

He then highlighted and allowed eBay, Netflix and then Zynga’s Farmville demo their apps (much to the chagrin of many in attendance). To get the show back on track, Activision demoed Guitar Hero and the presenter Senior VP Karthik Bala rocked the stage and earned “YOU ROCK! FIVE STAR!” status while the audience cheered. Jobs wrapped up the demos mentioning his favorite stat – developers of apps have been paid over $1B! Kind of makes you want to get into developing apps.

Job’s did his typical good job of setting up iPhone 4 by presenting the iPhone history of “reinventing the phone” in 2007, adding 3G and the App Store in 2008, “twice as fast” for the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and now Apple presents the “biggest leap since the original iPhone” (which I think has been repeated every year since the iPhone was announced). Apparently there are over 100 new features of which they talked about 8.