WWDC Keynote wrap-up

1) All new design which Job’s mentioned: “some of you have already seen this…” With glass on the front and back and stainless steel around the side (which is part of the antenna) and is 9.3mm thick which is 24% thinner than the 3GS and is the “thinnest smartphone in the world”. The device includes a front and rear-facing cameras and the rear camera includes an LED flash. The fact the stainless steel band is part of the antenna system deserved an “ahhhhh…” moment both at the keynote speech and in chats with my friends. That’s a great utilitarian design.

2) “Retina display” which quadruples the number of pixels on the same size screen with 326 pixels per inch and the new display was successfully demoed showing a current screen verse the iPhone 4 screen and the iPhone 4 screen us much brighter and more clear than the current 3GS with IPS technology for suberb color and wide angle viewing.