UltraSonic Pest Repeller is Disguised as a Nightlight

Pest control is a tough nut to crack sometimes, but an ultrasonic pest-repelling device might just do the job for you (I’ve had good results myself with one). This one in particular is a nightlight and repeller – when the device is plugged in it lights up with a blue glow, and emits an ultrasonic sound that will scare away any pests in your house.

The design of it makes it look just like an ordinary nightlight and no one visiting your house would be able to tell its actual function.

It is recommended that you use one device per room, or at the very minimum 2 per floor. No batteries to replace and it should last virtually forever.

Finally, the pest control device won’t affect any pets you have in the house with the sound it emits.

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Price: $17.99
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