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Review: Anonymizer Universal, Privacy and Identify Protection

Anonymizer UniversalThe Geeks received an invitation to test Anonymizer, Inc.’s new consumer-based online privacy and identity protection service called Anonymizer Universal which was released in June. Anonymizer Universal creates a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel between the user and The Anonymizer Network to prevent interception of identifiable information, or “packet sniffing.” The technology protects the user by replacing their personal IP Address with an anonymous IP Address daily. One of the differentiators from other anonymizer’s that are browser-based, Anonymizer Universal works for all Internet activity including accessing the web, obtaining email, streaming music, instant messaging and playing online games.

In addition to traditional Windows and Mac Operating Systems, Anonymizer Universal also protects a user’s mobile Internet activities. For example Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices use a “Connect/Disconnect” interface that runs silently in the background to establish and tear down the VPN session. The service only requires a simple download, and can be up and running immediately. Anonymizer Universal’s retail price is $79.99 (U.S.) per year, and is available via the company’s website (www.anonymizer.com) and select Anonymizer Authorized Resellers which provides a license good for one computer and one mobile Apple device.

This video was created to demonstrate the service:

Read the review after the jump

Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve Review

Saddleback Leather sent the Geeks a large iPad sleeve gadget pouch in tobacco brown for review. Saddleback Leather also carries a small gadget pouch for iPhones, Blackberrys, Cameras or iPad Power Supplies, a medium gadget pouch for Kindles and other Power Supplies and a host of other leather bags and pouches from travel cases and briefcases to backpacks and wallets. The iPad sleeve or large gadget pouch comes in tobacco brown (lighter brown), carbon black, dark coffee brown and chestnut (rich brown) and sells for $55.

By the way, check out the review and if you’re interested in obtaining a free Saddleback Leather iPad sleeve, head over to the Gizmos for Geeks Facebook page and leave us a comment on the wall!

Dell Enters Tablet Computer Market with the Streak

Dell Streak Android Tablet
Image courtesy of Engadget

Dell announced that the Streak, a touch-screen tablet computer is real and will first see daylight in the UK next month (June) and later in the summer in the US to AT&T.

The Streak (once known as the Mini 5) is a 5″ screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and running Google’s Android OS (not Chrome OS, by the way), and has WiFi and 3G network connectivity. …

Chopper 2 for iPad uses iPhone as Controller

Chopper for the iPhone reached the #1 paid game on the US charts and sold over a million downloads and now Majic Jungle Software is working on a sequel aptly named Chopper 2. With an all new 3D game engine, new enemies, weapons, graphics and missions, the sequel demos look great.

The initial release date was prior to the holiday season of 2009 but has shifted to Jun 2010 (one month away!).

Check out this video after the jump showing iPad game play from a couple of levels, as well as turning an iPhone into a controller via Bluetooth!

Apple to fix iPad Wi-Fi bug

iPad According to Apple’s support site:

A very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. This article outlines workarounds for these issues. Apple will also address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.

While perhaps some spin is involved from the Apple camp with the phrase “A very small number”, at least Apple has acknowledged the Wi-Fi issues and plan to address in an upcoming update.

Apple also has a troubleshooting guide for connecting the iPad to wireless.

International iPad Pre-Orders underway

Well, the gold rush to sell iPads internationally on may be coming to an end as Apple has announced the international roll-out of the device. The iPad will arrive in Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Japan on May 28th for those pre-ordering the iPad. Of course at the UK prices, arbitrage may continue from the US…

Check out the prices in each country after the break.

Super NES on iPad using the Wiimote

The Spirit jailbreak for the iPad was barely released when some of the more impressive features of the iPad were released without Apple’s consent. One of the more exciting hacks is the demo of Super Mario World being played on the Super NES emulator using a Wiimote (Wii Remote) as the controller after the break. Once jailbroken, you need snes4iphone ($5.99 from Cydia, which is the app store for jailbreak apps).

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