Apple iPad tablet – Specs and Thoughts

apple ipadApple has just unveiled it’s long anticipated tablet device, named the iPad. iPads will start shipping in about 60 days. Here’s the rundown on it:

  • 1/2″ thick
  • a featherweight 1.5lbs
  • 9.7″ IPS display
  • full multitouch touch-screen
  • Comes in 3 storage sizes: 16GB ($499), 32GB ($599) and 64GB ($699)
  • WiFi 802.11n & Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Some models will have 3G. Monthly data contracts available with AT&T. 3G models cost $130 more than WiFi-only models.
  • 10 hrs battery life, 1 month in standby
  • view in any direction – landscape or portrait and from any side.

The iPad is geared to be a Web surfing and multimedia device, so it can handle photos, iTunes, movies, TV, e-mail, and even video games. There is on-screen soft keyboard for those apps that need it. Unfortunately, like the iPhone, there is no Adobe Flash.

GfG’s Article Recap for Week Ending May 1, 2009

Let’s take another look at what we found worthy of a post this week! Let’s start with 2 recession-busting bargains that you can’t afford to miss out on: a D-Link Print Server for $20 and a nicely-spec’ed MacBook Air for $999.

Next up is the uber hi-tech Emotiv EPOC that allows you to play games and control your computer with your mind. On a similar theme we featured the very futuristic Ripple Bluetooth Headset.

In tech business news, ABC and Disney are partnering to show ABC shows on Hulu, Microsoft and Verizon are to work together on a possible iPhone Killer and Amazon are acquiring Stanza to expand their Kindle operations.

Finally, for all you Apple fans out there (everyone?), we have heard rumors of a new, cutting-edge Apple product: The iPad?

Apple working on new media pad device

Apple is working on a new device that will fall somewhere between a notebook computer and an iPhone/iPod sized device in size. Its aim – a mobile non-phone computer sans keyboard with a bigger screen than an iPod for video-watching; a media pad. Proposed name? i… Pad!

UMPCs and tablet PCs have not taken off the way that manufacturers have hoped, as laptops and smartphones continue to dominate the mobile computing market. Will Apple have better success? Given their recent successes with MacBooks, iPods and iPhones, they certainly have a good track record.

I still think that UMPCs can gain more traction if more of those vendors were willing to make the switch to Linux, as they could be made to run leaner, and thus cheaper.

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