Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve Review

Saddleback Leather sent the Geeks a large iPad sleeve gadget pouch in tobacco brown for review. Saddleback Leather also carries a small gadget pouch for iPhones, Blackberrys, Cameras or iPad Power Supplies, a medium gadget pouch for Kindles and other Power Supplies and a host of other leather bags and pouches from travel cases and briefcases to backpacks and wallets. The iPad sleeve or large gadget pouch comes in tobacco brown (lighter brown), carbon black, dark coffee brown and chestnut (rich brown) and sells for $55.

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The Saddleback Leather iPad sleeve measures 8 3/4” x 10 3/8” when flat and fits the iPad quite snugly. The leather is 100% thick Full Grain leather with no pleather, vinyl or cheaper Top Grain, Split or Bonded leather. The sleeve is made from a solid piece of leather rather than several smaller pieces to minimize the seams. The threads are thicker double zero continuous-filament Polyester thread than what are used on most leather boats. The interior or lining of the sleeve is made from pigskin. At the bottom of the case, the end opposite to the opening, there is a Neoprene insert between the leather and pigskin for extra protection. All of this quality is wrapped into a 100 year warranty.

The Saddleback iPad sleeve has a simplistic design that gives a rugged edge to your technology. The iPad snugly fit into the Saddleback iPad sleeve and holds the iPad tightly in place so you do not need to worry about the iPad falling out of the sleeve.

I was worried the iPad would get scratched while sliding in and out of the sleeve, but I did not have any incidents. The sleeve is really quite sturdy and you could throw the iPad, being protected by the Saddleback, into a bag and I have confidence the thick leather would protect the iPad. The only soft spot on the iPad sleeve is at the top where you insert the iPad. With the iPad inserted, the very top edge of the iPad is exposed.

Overall, I really liked the Saddleback iPad sleeve. The sleeve is a quality product and leather looks and feels great. This is the kind of iPad sleeve I’d expect to see in a board room.

Dave Munson, President of Saddleback Leather, provides a “pretty good chunk” of the proceeds to one of his aid organizations listed on Dave’s link page. The aid organizations are top shelf organizations such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or Mercy Ships. Unless you are really looking through the site, it is not apparent until your shipment email is sent from Dave with your tracking information and a thank you for helping. Thumbs up for being socially conscious!

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

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