Google eBookstore Online

Google eBookstore Google’s eBookstore has opened their virtual doors with the goal of capturing some market share away from other eBookstore’s including Amazon for the Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Kobo from Borders with over 3 million titles from some 4,000 publishers.

Google provides a web reader but the iOS and Android apps have been released as well allowing synchronization of your bookmarks and library.

What I like about the Google library is that you can download the book as either an ePub or PDF format. ePub is the open source ebook format. With these formats you can view and print on just about any device not to mention “loaning” books to friends.

Gartner legitimizing iPad for Corporate Use

iPad is here Gartner has recommended that CEOs clear obstacles that prevent IT departments from taking advantage of the iPad according to TUAW.

Stephen Prentice, a VP and Gartner fellow, said in the report: “It is not usually the role of the CEO to get directly involved in specific technology device decisions, but Apple’s iPad is an exception. It is more than just the latest consumer gadget. CEOs and business leaders should initiate a dialog with their CIOs about if they have not already done so.”

iOS 4.2 Released to Developers

Apple started notifying iOS developers that version 4.2 is in GM status and available for download.

In addition to fixing the iOS 4.1 DST bug, iOS 4.2 will bring the following features to the iPad:
– Multitasking
– Folders
– AirPlay wireless music, movie, and photo streaming
– Printing support over wireless networks
– Game Center for multiplayer and social gaming
– Unified and improved Mail inbox
– Search text within Safari
– Enhanced enterprise support
– Accessibility enhancements
– Keyboard and dictionary enhancements

iOS 4.1 DST Bug causes Europe to Oversleep

Time warp A couple of weeks ago New Zealand and Australia iOS 4.1 device owners lost an hour of beauty sleep thanks to a bug in iOS 4.1. People with recurring alarms had their alarms trigger an hour earlier when the countries switched to DST.

While Apple states that the bug will be fixed in a software update, the fix has yet to appear. Unfortunately for our friends in the UK and other European countries, their DST ended this past weekend causing iOS 4.1 European users to oversleep by an hour.

While some hope the iOS 4.1 bug will be fixed by November 7th, which is when DST ends in the US and Canada, I plan to oversleep an hour and blame Apple if I don’t get an iOS update.

AT&T to Start Selling Business iPads Directly

While Verizon will start to sell iPads directly to consumers shortly, AT&T Inc. said today they will start selling the Apple iPad direct to businesses through the corporate customer unit.

All three iPad WiFi and 3G models will be directly for sale to business customers as well as postpaid mobile broadband price plans for the iPad through business account representatives beginning October 28th. This new offer is available for customers whose AT&T wireless bills are paid for by their employer.

This announcement shows that Apple is increasing the number of places to sell the incredibly popular iPad including even Walmart.

Review: OtterBox iPad Case: Commuter and Defender Series

OtterBox has provided the latest in extreme protective cases for the klutzy and adventuresome for technology since 1998 and offered the Geeks a chance to test out their latest cases made for the hottest Geek toy – the iPad. We tested both the Defender and Commuter iPad OtterBox protective cases. The Defender Series provides protection for the most rugged of situations while the Commuter Series marries protection and style.

Cocoon Gramercy Messenger Apple iPad Sling

Cocoon CGB150BY Gramercy Messenger Apple iPad Sling Treat your Apple iPad to this messenger sling featuring a windowed iPhone pocket and Cocoon’s GRID-IT!™ system for organizational storage in a vertical design with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Channel your inner Inspector Gadget with the GRID-IT!™ system which is a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization providing versatile organization with endless configurations designed to hold items firmly in place. The back of GRID-IT!™ doubles as a mouse pad.

Cocoon’s Gramercy iPad Sling is the most versatile organization system in a sling.

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