Gold iPad gets company – Platinum, White Gold, and more

Platinum iPadRemember that solid 22ct gold iPad? Well, it turns out that the folks at design outfit for the rich, Stuart Hughes, weren’t content with just that.

They’ve made 3 other swanky and super pricey iPads.

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First is the solid Platinum iPad. Encrusted in 173 diamonds, the Platinum section weights in at 2.7Kg (almost 6lbs). Of course, that sort of defeats one of the nice features of the original device. This WiFi & 3G 64GB model is only £299,995.

Then, there’s the ICE edition, which is an 18ct white gold iPad. This one is a lot cheaper, as it does away with the diamonds. Strangely, only Wi-Fi on this 64GB model. A mere £79,995.

Last, the Supreme Fire edition is solid 24ct gold and again only 64GB Wi-Fi. Hurry, they’re only going to make 25 units! £109,995.

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