$10 Off Pre-orders of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Atari’s new party game, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for the Wii, drops on March 17th. The game improves considerably from the Wii Sports boxing game with 18 caricatured boxers which are parodies of celebrities from sports, music and music. The games looks like it will be a party hit. Amazon has the game $10 off… Continue reading $10 Off Pre-orders of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Holiday Gift Ideas 2008: Newegg’s Stocking Stuffers

Got a gamer or computing nerd in the house? Then you need to know about Newegg. They have what you need – games, accessories, every computer part you need, even TVs! Take a look at their Stocking Stuffers deals which incidentally change constantly, so you’ll always be surprised.

Vision will be Sega’s new handheld console

Sega is getting back into hardware, this time it’ll be a handheld console. Dubbed the Vision, it will play games, plus movies and music, and apparently have a camera and TV-tuner. Really… I haven’t heard WiFi mentioned. Honestly, this needs to compete with the PSP. On the other hand, I’d love to play Sonic again.

TuneUp – clean up your iTunes music collection

If you’ve got an iPod or an iPhone, then chances are that you use iTunes as well. You’ve spent hours and days ripping your CDs into iTunes, and well, you’ve got a bit of a mess, because all of the song titles, artists and cover art isn’t there. Sometimes, artist names end up with multiple… Continue reading TuneUp – clean up your iTunes music collection

33 Cool LEGO Creations

Trendhunter magazine has a nice article with a collection of cool creations either based on Legos or with Legos at its core. My favorites: Lego cufflinks, Lego Las Vegas, and ice trays that make ice Lego bricks.

Xbox 360 console now $300

Microsoft has decided to drop the price on the Xbox 360 console by $50. You can now pick up a console bundle at a Target store for $299.99. • Bundle Includes HD A/V Cable • Includes Headset, Ethernet Cable, Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Console • Features Xbox Live for the Ultimate Broadband Gaming Experience, High-Definition… Continue reading Xbox 360 console now $300

Guitar Hero IV to Mimic Rock Band

Conde Nast Portfolio magazine reports that Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotlick, has let slip that Guitar Hero IV will include additional instruments and vocals. “It’s not just about guitars,” said Kotick. “We’ll include a lot of other instruments, vocals. It will help us expand internationally. It’s the first game we’ve had in which we can use… Continue reading Guitar Hero IV to Mimic Rock Band

Wii Fit

There have been numerous reports of Geeks using the Nintendo Wii in their exercise regime to lose weight. The interactivity of the gaming platform has in no doubt contributed to the incredible sales figures related to the Wii. Now, the Wii Fit is poised to be the next big seller in the gaming market and… Continue reading Wii Fit

Kids who DON’T play video games are more at risk of trouble

Aha! I knew it. We already knew that there’s no link between video games and violent behavious, but it also turns out that kids who don’t play video games have a statistically higher risk of getting into trouble than those who do. Here’s a video interview of 2 Harvard profs who’ve done the research and… Continue reading Kids who DON’T play video games are more at risk of trouble

Rock Band’s first album, Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance

Harmonix announced that the 1st album will be Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance. Sweet. This is the 1st in hopefully what will be many albums that they release. If you’re into NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), then you’ll love the choice. IMHO (my opinion only, so no need to argue), this is one… Continue reading Rock Band’s first album, Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance