Cyborg’s Deadly R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse

R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse by CyborgThe gamers of you out there will know that Cyborg make some pretty neat gaming peripherals and their gaming mice make a great impression to whichever gaming championships you take them to. The new R.A.T 7 by Cyborg seems to carry on this tradition offering deadly looks that’s enough to put off any potential competitor before you’ve booted your rig. The feature list for the R.A.T 7 is immense but check below for a few features that really stand out. …

Windows 7 outsells Vista by 234% during initial days

According to 1 market research outfit, Windows 7 has outsold Windows Vista by 234% in their first few days of sales. Not surprising is it? The question is whether or not this is sustained and makes significant inroads into the business market where Microsoft makes a great deal of its income from operating system and productivity software.

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