Cyborg’s Deadly R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse

R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse by CyborgThe gamers of you out there will know that Cyborg make some pretty neat gaming peripherals and their gaming mice make a great impression to whichever gaming championships you take them to. The new R.A.T 7 by Cyborg seems to carry on this tradition offering deadly looks that’s enough to put off any potential competitor before you’ve booted your rig. The feature list for the R.A.T 7 is immense but check below for a few features that really stand out.

  • The R.A.T 7 can be modified to your exact needs; there is an array of knobs and dials for you to adjust the length of the mouse and the positioning of the thumb panel (forwards, backwards, pivoting outwards).
  • The weight of the mouse is very important to gameplay and this is adjustable through the addition or removal of any of the 5 6-gram weights that are contained inside the mouse; changing the weight is easy.
  • There are 3 interchangeable thumb pads and pinkie pads depending on how you like the mouse to feel, and even for the height of it.
  • 5 programmable buttons (giving a total of 7 buttons)
  • 5600 DPI resolution allowing for movement of up to 6 meters per second (along with different DPI settings, changeable with the touch of a button)
  • Oh, and the ability to read your emails with it.

Well played Cyborg.

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Price: $79.99
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