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WineM Networks Your Wine Collection, Makes It Searchable

If you have a good-sized collection of wine, WineM is a must-have gadget to take your cellar into the next generation. WineM allows you to place an RFID tag on each bottle of wine, creating a searchable database with multiple query options. You can search through your wine collection on a screen and find wines from certain regions, their grapes, or when they will be ready to drink.

When WineM has located a few bottles of wine that match your query, it will light up the LED behind the bottle so you can easily locate the bottles of wine.

Automatic Wine Preserver Looks After Your Fine Wines

Without the right protection an opened bottle of wine can deteriorate quickly, leaving your Grand Cru in a vinegary mess. Vacuum hand pumps are a good solution, but this Automatic Wine Preserver from Brookstone is better.

The Automatic Wine Preserver takes all the effort out of pumping the air from a bottle of wine, doing it all automatically, powered by the magic of batteries. Cleverly it can also detect when air is seeping back into the bottle and it will react accordingly to help pump it back out. …

Preservo Wine Steward

Preservo Wine Steward

The Geeks are not winos even though this is the second day in a row featuring some sort of wine product, but we love all sorts of gizmos! This Preservo Wine Steward — I believe that’s a name of a character in Futurama too — features the ability to preserve your wine longer than the standard cork after opening. With a single press of a button your wine gets and air lipo creating a vacumn in the wine bottle.

Electronic Wine Chiller

Electronic Wine Chiller

No more melting ice — no more tepid wine! This sleek plug-in device is an electronic thermostat that keeps wine at its optimal serving temperature for hours even in the sun! Select one of 10 presets (ranging from 37°F to 122°F) and a blinking LED indicates that wine is chilling (or warming). Peltier Effect electronics chills (or warms) a standard 90mm wine bottle. Can also be used to warm wines such as sake.

Maintain Recurring Task Lists in Evernote

To Do ListEvernote has become a staple in my everyday personal and professional life both as an archive for documents to maintaining dynamic lists. I have archived documents such as manuals for my electronic equipment, recipes, work documents, meeting notes, notes about health and travel and notes about practices and games for the U8 Girls Soccer Team I coach. Additionally, I’ve found Evernote to be very useful in maintaining dynamic lists including lists for shopping, wines I enjoy and wish lists of items around the house I would like to upgrade. Even more dynamic, Evernote has become my system of record for my task list using a series of Notebooks and processes. I’ve used Todoodle, Todoist, Google Tasks, Outlook’s notes, paper and more but have not kept a task list process as long as I’ve used this system so I wanted to share with the Geek’s readers.


5 Alternate High-Tech Christmas Gift Options

GiftsDecember is finally upon us, the Thanksgiving turkey is all gone and the festive shopping season is in full swing. This Christmas, you probably have quite a few gadgets on your wish list, and your family, friends and kids will have lots of ideas about what they’d like to find under the tree.

Looking for a few different options to fill their stockings? Here are a few less common choices to mention to Santa before the big day rolls around.

Klingon Corkscrew

Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam! If you speak Klingon, you know what I’m saying right?

You can get your drink on using this Bird of Prey shaped corkscrew. I can’t think of a better way to down some Bloodwine or Chech’tluth and this corkscrew will be the envy of all your other Trekkie Geek friends, granted… if you are a die hard Trekkie, you probably only have one or two friends but you will make them jealous. At less than $20 credits, you don’t have to be a Captain either. You can even afford this on an Ensign salary.

Buy now!
Price: $19.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Google releases experimental flu trends data for Mexico

Last Nov, we noted that Google was using search data to explore flu trends in the US. With the outbreak of the swine flu (sorry, H1N1 influenza), Google has decided to release new search data to health officials and the public.

This search data shows flu trends for Mexico. Note the word ‘trends’. We should re-emphasize what Google is saying and note that this is useful for modeling what’s happening and studying the situation, but not necessarily an accurate predictor of what’s to happen.

Nuvo Vino Snapshot

Nuvo Vino Snapshot Did you know that there is more to wine than white with poultry and seafood and red with darker meats? How about that you refrigerate white and serve red at room temperature? There actually is an optimum temperature that brings out the subtle flavors of each type of wine and this little gadget can help you serve the bottle of wine at the right temperature.

The first wine thermometer designed to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the wine itself, without touching the wine, and without waiting!! Serving wine at the right temperature is extremely important to unlocking its flavors and aromas. Enter SnapShot from Nuvo Vino. This beautifully designed, extremely easy-to-use, infrared thermometer is instant and precisely accurate. Just hold it about 1 inch from the wine and click. Incorporating the latest handheld infrared technology, the patent pending retractable sensor stays clean to deliver precise results. Includes batteries, a stylish presentation box and a recommended wine serving temperature card.


Suggested Price: $49.99

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