Nuvo Vino Snapshot

Nuvo Vino Snapshot Did you know that there is more to wine than white with poultry and seafood and red with darker meats? How about that you refrigerate white and serve red at room temperature? There actually is an optimum temperature that brings out the subtle flavors of each type of wine and this little gadget can help you serve the bottle of wine at the right temperature.

The first wine thermometer designed to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the wine itself, without touching the wine, and without waiting!! Serving wine at the right temperature is extremely important to unlocking its flavors and aromas. Enter SnapShot from Nuvo Vino. This beautifully designed, extremely easy-to-use, infrared thermometer is instant and precisely accurate. Just hold it about 1 inch from the wine and click. Incorporating the latest handheld infrared technology, the patent pending retractable sensor stays clean to deliver precise results. Includes batteries, a stylish presentation box and a recommended wine serving temperature card.


Suggested Price: $49.99