Countertop Digital Wine Cooler

Countertop Digital Wine Cooler

You can add a digital wine cellar to your own kitchen, bar or butler’s pantry. This Countertop Digital Wine Cooler will hold up to six bottles of wine at the temperature of your choosing between 44° F and 64° F. The Digital Wine Cooler even features smoky glass to preserve your wine and protect from damaging light!

Using the Countertop Digital Wine Cooler’s digital temperature control, raise or lower the heat to the exact degree your bottles require for proper serving temperature. The temperature is adjustable from 44° F to 64° F to maintain the ideal serving temperature for both white and red wines.

Your wines will be stored at a proper constant temperature to preserve optimal taste for long periods of time. The Countertop Digital Wine Cooler’s dark, insulated cabinet and smoke-tinted glass door protect your valuable wine bottles from the damaging light. A soft interior light turns on at the touch of a button or automatically when door is opened so you’ll easily be able to read the bottles’ labels.

The Countertop Digital Wine Cooler includes two flat and two curved interchangeable stainless steel chrome racks for wine storage. Additional features include a large readout on the LED digital display.

Price: $169.99
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