CES 2007: What Was Popular?

I’ve heard lots of people at the show, and even on the plane back say that it [the show] was boring and/or there was nothing that stood out. So I wondered how could I figure out what the most popular thing(s) was/were. I decided that in this day of user-generated content, particularly videos, that YouTube would be a great, if not scientific, way of getting the pulse on what was popular.

I did a search for “CES 2007”, and then sorted by both the View Count and the Rating. By View Count, the #1 video is one called “A Look at Steve’s MacWorld 07 AV Kit”; it’s 18 seconds long and doesn’t contain anything useful, so I’m discounting it. Out of the first 20 results, Honda’s Asimo robot is tops; there are 4 entries for new WowWee robots, including Elvis and the Roboquad; Bill Gates’ keynote gets a lot of coverage, and also notable is the 3D wheel remote by Hillcrest labs. There are other things, but you can take a look at the full list when you get a chance.

Now sorting by Rating, Bill’s keynote is almost half of the entries, although granted, the full thing is broken up into parts. Asimo is still #1, and Elvis and the Hillcrest remote still get some play. Interestingly, the iPhone announcement shows up at #19, even though it was at MacWorld, not CES.

Those are the results. What do you think was the most notable thing to come out of CES and/or MacWorld?