Train body and brain with hi-tech gadget

BEIJING, July 25 (Xinhuanet) — Even if you didn’t make the cut for this year’s Olympic Games in Greece, you can train like a world-class athlete with pocket-sized electronics that deliver a pumping music beat while you work out.

Developed by Nike and Philips Electronics, the device can report the distance run and the pace via the wearer’s headphones, reported Sunday’s CRI online.

Due in stores this August, the 300 US dollars device uses ‘Bluetooth’ short-range wireless technology that allows a thumb-sized road sensor, attached to a runner’s shoe, to store and send data.

The device, which also doubles as a radio, music player or regular timepiece, can act as part-time coach shouting out numbers on the distance you have run or cycled, and indicating that your breaststroke needs work.

Studies show that this and similar devices can optimize athletes’ performance and raise their enthusiasm.

Researchers have also found that exercising to music can boost brainpower.