ICEflow Personal Air Conditioner

ICEflow Personal Air Conditioner

Most IT geeks get put either in a cold server room location or the end office where the AC simply does not reach. My office represents the latter of these situations and when the temperature starts reaching 80 degrees outside, my office starts to warm up.

Sharper Image promises the ICEflow Personal Air Conditioner is the solution. While fans circulate air they do not lower the ambient temperature. The ICEflow claims that if your office heats up to 80 degrees, you will feel a 74 degree breeze comforting you and cooling you down.

Other similar gizmos require you to add ice but ICEflow uses the environmentally friendly Peltier Effect with electronics that remove heat from the water chamber to create the block of ice — without Freon, without refrigerants and without any need for window ventilation. Using only 10 watts, the gizmo is energy efficient too!

Is your workspace too hot? Your sun-drenched easy chair uncomfortably warm? Can’t sleep in your sweltering bedroom? Want to cool off your body without paying a fortune to air condition the whole house? The easy and economical solution is here — with ICEflowâ„¢ Personal Air Conditioner. Real ice cold.

Sharper Image Design’s new kind of fan that spot cools with an ice-chilled breeze — refreshing your personal space with a stream of air that is significantly cooler than the air in the room.

Inside ICEflow, a self-contained chamber of water freezes into a block of real ice after an overnight charge. Turn on the fan (three speeds) and its cooling breeze flows across an ice-cold chilling plate. The airplane-style air vent makes it easy to direct the airflow exactly where needed. ICEflow runs for eight straight hours on a single 14-hour charge.

Cooler than any fan.

Price: $129.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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