Watch World Cup matches on your PC … at work!

One English business is pushing their product as a way to stem the absenteeism that inevitably accompanies the World Cup every 4 years, by get this… allowing workers to see the games live on their PCs. I like it! Heck, I know *I’m* going to be sidetracked for a month while the tournament is on. Anyway, the company and the product… The company is Digital Media Projects and they make the High-Definition Media Server, which allows a company to take a TV or satellite signal and stream it over the computer network to users’ workstations. Doesn’t sound that revolutionary, but the application just may be. You know your people are going to miss work; better encourage to come to work and be at least partly productive and probably with better morale. Oh, DMP also has other potential applications for their product; one example is that of finanical services type companies that could push financial programming (a la CNBC or Bloomberg) to users.