Honeywell TE923W Deluxe Weather Station for Serious Weather Geeks

Indoor personal weather stations are nothing new, but they never really seem to make any spectacularly accurate conclusions. All you did was run a little wire through your window out to a box on the roof and the receiver would give you some information about the weather.

Honeywell offers the serious (or budding) meteorologist a chance to get some accurate data with its deluxe weather station.

The receivers on this thing seem to rival those of the satellite TV companies – it comes with a rain gauge, barometer, thermometer and a wind data collector. All the sensors are connected wirelessly to the receiver too. The deluxe weather station provides forecasting for the near future, tells you what phase the moon is in (handy?) as well as all those usual clock tricks such as radio-controlled updating to the US atomic clock.

Sure, it’s over $200. However, at this price, it’s one of the best weather-related gizmos around today, and certainly one of the best indoor weather stations for its price.

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Price: $218.21
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