CES 2011: Motorola drops Atrix 4G phone for AT&T, along with Laptop Dock

Motorola has an interesting new product that looks like a laptop, but it really isn’t. It’s actually a dock for their new ATRIX 4G HSPA+ phone which will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) and work on AT&T’s mobile network.

Back to this dock, it’s really just a full laptop keyboard and trackpad with a dock in the back for the phone. What’s the point? Simply to make using your phone for longer periods more comfortable. Take a look at this video.

And what about the Atrix 4G phone itself? Well it has a dual-core 1GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, can use microSD cards and weighs in at 4.76oz. So far, it’s one of the hot phones being announced this CES, although running on AT&T is a bit (depending on your perspective, maybe more!) of a drawback.

No word on pricing for either product, but the Atrix phone should be available this quarter.

[Motorola press release]

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  1. I really like this item! But..
    This thing is really cool, and overall I think it's worth having. As soon as my phone touches it, it recognizes that it's in a multimedia station and switched to a clock. From there you can set it up as a digital picture frame or hook it to your TV. What I don't like about it, it that it is VERY difficult to get into the thing.

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