Gizmos for Geeks Partnering with Deniath

Deniath The Geeks are excited to announce a new partnership with Deniath.

Who is Deniath? Deniath offers invitation-only access to exclusive 72-hour deals for Geeks like us! You’ve probably seen similar daily deal and flash sale sites before featuring deals on fashion, décor, luxury travel, and spa deals but Deniath tailors to the Geek nation with deals on toys, games, gadgets, art and pop-culture collectibles. Learn more about the brands that help fuel our obsessions for all things geek and discover new products to collect and play with.

The partnership with Deniath allows Gizmos for Geeks readers exclusive sneak peeks, special invite promotions, and other fun promos.

Typically, you would have to be invited by a current member or request an invite through the waitlist since the site is a members only site for superheros, ninjas and secret agents, but the Geeks and Deniath are kicking off the partnership with our first invite promo! By March 19th, 2012, you need to simply email [email protected] with “Gizmos for Geeks” in the subject line to receive a free and quick invite.

Take advantage of our partnership and setup your Deniath membership on the Geeks so you can check out today’s deal of the Xappr as featured on Gizmodo, uncrate and Engadget. The Xappr Gun by Metal Compass is a pre-order item which will retail for $34.99 but can be yours for the Deniath price of $24.99 (more than 50 units must be purchased for anyone to get the deal).

Happy hunting!

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