Review: FoneStand Smartphone Stand

Fonestand Smartphone Stand

Fonestand Smartphone StandHere’s another one of those no-batteries-needed accessories for what is probably our most treasured of gadgets nowadays – our smartphones. The FoneStand is a black (or white) plastic stand for your iPhone, Android or other smartphone or even some tablets that lets you view them in either portrait or landscape mode at an angle.

The feet of the FoneStand are rubber pads to keep the whole contraption from sliding around on your desk, and where the back of your phone makes the most contact with the FoneStand is a large rubber pad to prevent the phone itself from sliding around when it’s seated in the cradle.

The FoneStand fits most smartphones even with a case on, although with the lip at the front, it may not fit some of the larger cases. It would be nice if the retaining lip was adjustable, but then that would probably raise the price.

This is a fairly inexpensive accessory for your flat phone that has lots of uses (the video below does a good job of showing some of those off), but think on your desk at work, on your night stand (clock), in the living room, etc. About the only thing I’d like is for a slightly lower price or better yet, a discount for buying 2 or 3 at once. Even so, I highly recommend it. You’ll probably be surprised like I was at how quickly you get used to having this to plunk your phone into, especially on your desk.

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