Y Combinator’s Paul Graham Talks About Apple’s Monopoly

Paul Graham on Apple, Jobs, Monopolies

Paul Graham on Apple, Jobs, MonopoliesWatch this 90 second clip of Paul Graham, of Y Combinator, Viaweb, etc., talking about how he worries about Apple and Steve Jobs becoming the ‘dictator’ types that they once mocked in the 70s and 80s when they were a young company.

I and others have been saying this for ages. It’s ironic, but also how human nature and corporations tend to play out given the circumstances.

Bloomberg has disabled embedding of the video, so just hit the link to watch directly on YouTube.

If you’ve never heard of Paul Graham, it’s worth checking out his fantastic essays on all things computer- and startup-related. He has also written and published a book, Hackers & Painters, which is also worth checking out.