Atari Greatest Hits – Ultimate Collector’s Games

Most people would agree that games today, no matter how good the graphics or how realistic the plot, just can’t compete with playing some of the original classics. Luckily the people at Atari have heard our cries, and released their “Greatest Hits” for Nintendo DS

We hardly need to explain what the games are, all you need to know is that the game comes packed with 41 of their best games from the Atari 2600 and their 9 top arcade games. No expense has been spared – even Pong is included in the set!

If you can rally up a few friends then they can play over the DS multiplayer feature with just a single game card. You’ll also get to enjoy lots of Atari trivia, as well copies of the original handbooks and adverts for each game.

Finally, Atari also claim that they’ve included a ‘game’ they developed in secret to help train the US army. Perhaps you’ll have to buy the game and find out for yourself. Besides, can you really go wrong with spending $20 for this amazing set?

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Price: $19.96
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