CES 2008: Simulscribe Lets You Read Your Voicemail

At Digital Experience, Simulscribe showed off their voicemail to text service and we were really impressed by how accurate the voice to text recognition was. It even spelled my name correctly down to capitalizing it. We conducted a test right there in a very noisy environment and the accuracy was perfect. Read on for more info and a special offer.

Sign up for the service and replace your existing voicemail service with Simulscribe’s. This works with cell, landline and corporate voicemail systems. In addition, you get a phone # that points to your Simulscribe voicemail box that you can use independently of your other services. If you’re using a cell phone, set it to what’s called “call forward, no answer” so that voicemail goes to Simulscribe instead of your cell provider. Then Simulscribe will receive the voicemail, transcribe it and send it to you as either an SMS or e-mail message.

You can still access your voicemail via a phone call or via their Website. Plans start at $0.35/message.

As a special offer to our readers, Simulscribe is offering a free 30 day trial. Just hit this link to get it. It’s definitely worth a try. Just think how much quicker and less invasive it is to scan an e-mail than it is to dial in and listen to a voicemail.