CES 2008: Guitar Wizard Teaches You to be a Real Guitar Hero

Educational software maker, Music Wizard, who makes the acclaimed Piano Wizard is set to launch the follow-up to that title with one that gives all credit to the Guitar Hero line of games for their decision to make this title. Guitar Wizard claims to teach you how to play guitar and read music in 5 steps by having you lean and play in a game-like environment. Read on for more info and a screenshot of the prototype.

All you need to do is hook up a piece of hardware to any guitar with steel strings that detects what you play and plug it in via USB to the computer running the Guitar Wizard application. Taking a look at a screenshot of the prototype, you can see the 6 lines of symbols at the top that represents the guitar’s strings and the icons that float upwards to the top that you need to strum/pluck as they near the strum line. You will also be able to purchase a version that comes with a guitar with the icons printed right onto the frets.


Now unlike Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero will let you import and play along to any song that you can find in MIDI format. Music Wizard folks let us in on a couple of ‘secrets’ as well – they’re already planning Drum Wizard and future ideas include Composer and Band Wizard. Sweet – now that means I can actually get good at drums in Rock Band!