CES 2008: Fulton Innovation Demos Wireless Charging Technology

Fulton showed off their wireless charging technology dubbed eCoupled with a demo straight out of a Sci Fi flick. The demo featured a few semi transparent balls with colored lights that would change color when they were moved close enough to the base charging station to start charging [pictured]. eCoupled works using inductive power coupling, and they like to use the phrase ‘intelligent power’ because the devices only draw power as needed and not just because they are in range. Charging time is about the same as with traditional wired charging.

Although not what you may deem essential technology, it would certainly be very welcomed. Imagine not having to deal with multiple power adpater form factors and power bricks or trying to find power outlets. Just bring your device near a base station. Currently, Fulton is talking companies like Motorola, Herman Miller (furniture maker), and Visteon (auto parts maker). They showed off a small box [pcitured] that could be integrated into the central consoles in cars that you could slip your mobile devices into for charging. Here’s hoping that Fulton licenses their technology to every imaginable powered device maker as well as home and auto related manufacturers.