XLink BT System – Replace your Landline with your Cell

XLink BT System

The XLink BT is a great innovation from XLink, designed to completely replace your telco landline with your cell. You can connect up to 3 cells to the XLink BT, and then, when a call comes to your cell, it is diverted to the BT system and forwarded to a house phone. This means that you don’t actually need a landline any more, allowing you to save on line rental – the company’s website states that this is $33 a year on average. This also works in reverse, by allowing you to make outgoing calls through the BT system via your cell.

Connected by Bluetooth, you are free to leave your cell wherever you want; you can have it plugged into a charger, or just the place where you get the best reception, and the BT system will be able to pick it up. Any cell phones with Bluetooth should work with this and any ordinary house phone can be connected to take the calls.

As well as the convenience aspect of the device allowing you to talk on more ergonomically designed handset, there’s also the safety aspect – talking on a cell phone generates a lot more harmful radioactivity than talking via a home phone!

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