GigaTribe File Sharing Application

GigaTribe is a new file sharing service that allows you to share files between friends. The major difference between GigaTribe and other file sharing applications is that it’s secure; you only share files within your ‘personal circle’ which means that you can control who can receive them, whereas usually in file sharing everyone around the world would have access.

There are many applications of this, from being just an easy way to share holiday snaps between friends, to handing out invitations, and everything in between! It would essentially make your life so much easier as you don’t have to travel to distribute files, or post them to each other.

GigaTribe is free for the base version which just includes just the basic features to get you going. However, if you want your software to support simultaneous and multisource downloads, web browser access. support by email and more, then you might want to consider the ‘ultimate’ version. For just £2.99 (approx. $4.30) per month or £19.99 (approx. $28.60) per year, it really is worth the upgrade.