iceTech Solar-3000: Solar Charger for iPhone

iPhone Solar Charger

The iceTECH Solar-3000 is an iPhone charger than runs on solar energy. Okay, you may be thinking ‘Yeah, yeah; seen it before!’, which you most likely have, but this one actually does the job stylishly, which can’t be said for a lot of the others. Compatible with all iPhone models (and even iPods), you don’t have to worry about your handset running out of juice with this by your side; just leave it in the sun somewhere, whether that be on your dashboard in the car or even on the desk in the middle of a meeting.

The product, available in white, red or black, is an iPhone charger like no other – it is essentially a case with slots for business/credit cards (and things of similar size) with the charger plugged into the bottom. No point wasting money on a case and a solar charger when you can just have this, right?

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Price: $88.99
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  1. Just wondering if this device can be used , to charge other smart phones as well ?? either W/ adapter's either W/ Apple Iphone gear or W/ other Name brand product's ?? any body ever hear of this ?? Thanx Brett

    1. Well been a few days ! ,.. & no reply?? but since then I've received the charger unit & it's a style in which the "iPhone" is plugged in & then encased in the pliable rubber case so, the short of it is that the phone "plug-in" has to be the same as the Solarcharger "male-plug" which is built inside the "Case" so yes it could be "made/rigged " to work W/ another phone ?? but not really worth the hassle of Rigging it to work while the same time spent doing that you could just Rig a whole new charger that actually work's for the other type of phone ( Non- i Phone brand !) so 4 all U folks out there whom didn't answer my prior Q: there U go ! .

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