Wearable Air Purifier

Wein Products Air Supply Personal Air Purifier mini-mate (AS 150mm) The Wearable Air Purifier from the Wein Air Supply company has been featured on Dateline and has been shown to be of great benefit to those allergies and those susceptible to respiratory infections. My wife and I could have really used this on our three week trip to China as we both got sick, probably because of the various flights in the planes.

he new Mini-Mate Air AS 150mmSupply is the smallest, most powerful personal, maintenance free air purifier on the market. Great for airplane travel, hospital workers, transit workers, movie goers, those afflicted by chemical sensitivities, and much more! Much like previous units, this product is great for anyone that would like their breathing space filled with cleaner air. Attacks germs, pollutants, allergens and much more. Now tested down to viruses in the size range of .04 microns.


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Suggested Price: $109.95

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