Panasonic Giving Away $20K in Living in HD Contest

Panasonic High Definition The Geeks received a tip that Panasonic just recently launched Living in HD.

Panasonic is looking for all types of families from across the country to experience life in High Definition. By visiting, you can register to be considered for the Living in HD program by sharing your ideas on why you and your family should live in HD.

A panel of judges including leading Hollywood producer/director Brett Ratner and Kevin Smith will help select 30 families based on their creative submissions. The families selected will live with a complete suite of High Definition technology products worth an estimated $20,000 including a large screen 1080p Plasma television, HD camcorders, Blu-ray Disc Player, Digital Still Cameras and other equipment.

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  1. I am retired and would never have enough money to purchase a livinginHD television system. I watch a lot of sports on TV and think watching it on HD would be the greatest. My son-in-law has a around sound system and it makes what ever your watching seem almost real.

    Sincerely, Gerald Glynn

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