Helios H2000 Upscaling DVD Player

Helios H2000 Upscaling DVD Player Helios Labs has released a new region-free DVD player that upscales and plays multiple formats… but this time for under $100!

The H2000 is a region-free DVD player capable of upscaling a variety of formats including: MPEG-4, XviD, DivX and MPEG-2 to 1080i resolution via Component, HDMI and VGA; not to mention upscaling your entire DVD collection. Furthermore, it can output 480i/576i unprocessed digital signal via HDMI.

If you have an HDTV, don’t forget about your DVD collection and get an upscaling DVD player so your DVDs will look as good as HDTV. The bonus of having a region-free DVD player gives you the freedom to play imported DVDs as well!


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Suggested Price: $99

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