Twitter Now Has Always-On HTTPS – Enable It Now

If you’re a frequent reader of GfG, you already know we’re big into computer security, so we’re pleased to see when companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook who have such enormous numbers of users improve the security and privacy of users.

For example, Twitter now allows users to enable HTTPS as constantly on for their connection to the Twitter website. In the past, you could either manually type in https in the URL or use a browser extension or even more complicated tweak to do so.

Twitter HTTPS setting
Twitter HTTPS setting

This means that at a minimum your password isn’t transmitted ‘in the clear’ when you log in and neither are your tweets. This is particularly important when you’re out and about and using public WiFi networks that could have any number of bad guys snooping your connections and waiting to snap up your passwords.

So we strongly advise you to enable that setting and to change your password just in case someone did manage to get your password and perhaps hasn’t done anything with it yet.

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