Flashlight that only needs Shaking to Light!

All the rugged HUMMER flashlight ever needs is a quick 30-second shaking to generate power for up to five full minutes of bright illumination. Inspired and licensed by GM’s intrepid HUMMER, this shockproof, rubber-guarded, waterproof and floatable flashlight is ideal for outdoor use and perfect for every vehicle or home emergency kit.

Brits Can’t Live Without Their Gadgets

By Paula Murray ALMOST two out of three Brits say they’d be lost without their gadgets. Hi-tech toys such as digital cameras, mobile phones and laptop computers are no longer luxury items, with 61 per cent of Brits admitting they’d be lost without them.


Sit back and relax RoboSweep cleans your floors so you dont have to! Its time to say goodbye to the drudgery of sweeping with a boring old broom! RoboSweep is the intelligent robotic sweeper that cleans your entire floor while you relax with a good book or take a nap.

Inventor’s gadget box alerts neighbourhoods to criminals

By Rohit Jaggi, Social Affairs Correspondent You can usually tell when an area has suffered a spate of burglaries or car break-ins. The local pub is full of people going on about how this could not have happened in the good old days. But instead of getting beerily misty-eyed, one entrepreneur dreamed up a gizmo… Continue reading Inventor’s gadget box alerts neighbourhoods to criminals

Plasma Mug w/Electronic Coaster

Unleash playful interactive glowing light – from inside a drinking glass! The Plasma Mug with electronic coaster makes it possible. Utilizing advanced plasma technology, the double-walled glass mug works in conjunction with a specially designed electronic coaster to create this one-of-a-kind lighting effect!