Brits Can’t Live Without Their Gadgets

By Paula Murray

ALMOST two out of three Brits say they’d be lost without their gadgets.

Hi-tech toys such as digital cameras, mobile phones and laptop computers are no longer luxury items, with 61 per cent of Brits admitting they’d be lost without them.

Scots are particularly found of gizmos, according to the survey by Kwik Save. Aberdonians were the biggest spenders, with more than 14 per cent spending about £600 a year on the latest appliances.

The poll also found Edinburgh was the second–most gadget–obsessed city in the UK, with 72 per cent of residents polled saying they couldn’t do without them.

Glasgow was fifth, with 65percent.Cardiff topped the chart with 74 per cent, with Leeds at 69 and Newcastle at 66.

The survey showed that one in four Brits bought at least four gadgets in the last year.

Women are also challenging the traditional ‘men-only’ stereotype when it comes to being hooked on gadgets.

While British men on average spent more than £230 a year on them, women weren’t far behind, forking out nearly £200.

According to the survey, Britain’s best-loved gadget was the digital camera, with 20 per cent voting it their favourite.

Mobile phones ranked second with 16 per cent of the vote and laptop computers were third with 10 per cent.

The most desirable gadget was a plasma TV, with 42 percent of men and 29 per cent of women saying it was top of their wish list.

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