CES 2007: We’re Here!

After braving a nasty little cold, delayed flights, sitting on the runway waiting for the gate to clear and waiting about 45 minutes for baggage to show up in Vegas, the Geeks have made it to CES for our second annual coverage of the largest Consumer Electronics Show!

Today we slept in and woke up to my phone ringing the Austin Power’s theme song. Chief Gadgeteer having been up for 42 hours straight and Chief Gizmateer having a nasty cold basically passed out last night without regard to our full schedule starting in, oh 43 minutes from now.

The Geeks are heading out to the Venetian/Sands to pick up our Press Badge Holders and catch the State of the Industry address for the CEA. We’re also planning on attending the High Performance Audio and Home Theater followed by CES Unveiled. Luckily everything takes place back to back in the Sands/Venetian complex.

Chief Gadgeteer also just downed an Airbourne in a silly attempt not to get sick during this trip.

By the way, Jeremy over at LiveDigitally has posted How to Survive CES: 10 Practical Tips and 10 More CES Tips. If you’re going to CES you better cram using Jeremy’s tips!

DirecTV HD DVR Plus Partners with Intel Viiv

In an effort to make the Intel Viiv platform useful, Intel has partnered with DirecTV to allow the recently released HD DVR stream video and audio from Intel Viiv systems with the Digital Media Server software.

Intel leased a huge space at CES back in January showcasing their Viiv technology. While the Geeks thought Viiv was “kinda cool”, we were drooling over the dual core laptops.

DirecTV’s HD DVR could definitely use an ability to grab digital media from other sources around your house. Not based on TiVo, these units have yet to be hacked and made more useful… yet.

PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair

PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair

The Geeks first came across and tested the PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair at CES back in January. This chair sports a 5.1 THX certified sound system in the chair including a tactile transducer to feel the bass. The Pro-Media Chair actually looks good to boot!

The chair definitely garnered a lot of attention around CES and would do the same in your game room. We’re definitely drooling over this chair.

Interview with a leader in Home Automation: Joe Dada, CEO Smartlabs Inc.

While at CES this year, the Geeks investigated several new home automation technologies and ‘smart home’ products at the various booths in the TechHome TechZone. One such booth, Smarthome, featured Insteon and hosted several Insteon partners showing their products. Insteon is a competitor to other next generation home automation networks (such as Zigbee). As a surprise, we were introduced to Joe Dada, CEO of SmartLabs, Inc., and he was gracious enough to allow us to conduct an in-depth interview!

Sling Media Officially Announces Macintosh Player

Sling Media has finally officially announced that they will provide a Macintosh Player. Last week at CES 2006, Sling Media mentioned the Macintosh Player should be announced during MacWorld and it was. Unfortunately, a Linux Player does not seem likely currently as there is not enough interest from consumers.

So the tally… Sling Media works on Windows CE, Windows and now Macs while Locationfree works on Windows, PSPs and Locationfree TV tablets. I think Sling Media wins the supported clients competition.

CES 2006: Chief Gizmateer’s Day Three at CES

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the last day (or half day) of CES 2006. Regardless, we ran ourselves ragged to cover this year’s CES with more indepth articles coming in the weeks ahead. I’ll try to run through some highlights from my CES experience on day three.

The third day started with a “wow” reaction while viewing LG’s 42″ 3D LCD prototype. Next we toured through Philips space to check out their latest products. The Geeks had to check out a Best in CES candidate by Jensen… an in-dash car PC! As mentioned in the Chief Gadgeteer’s post we watched the CNET awards where they mentioned the big trends this year are in home electronics and small MP3 players. Nothing earth-shattering there! Also, like the Chief Gadgeteer, I am stunned by the Creative Labs Zen Vision being awarded the Best in Show! I conducted a short interview with some of the Sony Locationfree guys. Apparently Sony sends newbs to CES whereas their main (and only?) competitior Sling Media sends the entire knowledgeable company as Sling managed to answer my questions and Sony simply said their product was cool! We checked out the Centrino Duo tablet at Toshiba coming out next month and wrapped up with a great little outfit called dreamGEAR that seems to have a lot of Gizmos for Geeks. We ended the day watching Washington beat Tampa Bay on a gorgeous Pioneer Elite Plasma Display Panel.

CES 2006: Day Three

Day 3 was yet another long day at CES. Notable visits were with Dish Network, Intel, LG, Philips, Scientific Atlanta, Pioneer and to CNET’s Best of CES 2006 Awards. Starting from the end, CNET announced that the best of show product was the Creative Zen Vision, essentially a multimedia player. While we’re hardly saying that this product isn’t cool, we thought it was a little disappointing that this was the *best* of the show, given that these types of devices have been out there in the market for years. There were numerous other newer, edgier, interesting gadgets that featured more cutting-edge technologies that would have made worthy winners. But that’s just our opinion. After all, the People’s Voice Award went to the Pioneer Inno, which is an MP3 player that is XM Radio ready. You can see all of the winners at CNET’s CES site.

CES 2006: Day 2 Products

It’s already day 3, but we wanted to give you a rundown on all of the interesting products we saw and announcements we heard. This is a monster of an article that touches on a lot of different vendors, so grab some coffee and get comfortable. In the days and weeks to come, we’ll go into depth on more of these products.

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