DirecTV HD DVR Plus Partners with Intel Viiv

In an effort to make the Intel Viiv platform useful, Intel has partnered with DirecTV to allow the recently released HD DVR stream video and audio from Intel Viiv systems with the Digital Media Server software.

Intel leased a huge space at CES back in January showcasing their Viiv technology. While the Geeks thought Viiv was “kinda cool”, we were drooling over the dual core laptops.

DirecTV’s HD DVR could definitely use an ability to grab digital media from other sources around your house. Not based on TiVo, these units have yet to be hacked and made more useful… yet.

DirecTV HD DVR Plus’ are $200 for new subscribers, $299 for existing subscribers and $99 for HR10 owners. Viiv systems are available from most Intel system manufacturers.