Thermaltake Level10 PC Case Takes Gaming Rigs to the Next Level

Thermaltake Gaming CaseWe normally don’t feature such specific computer hardware, particularly cases, but this one was just too cool-looking to pass up.

The Thermaltake Level 10 gives each of your components its own housing, meaning they get more airflow around each of them.

Even if you could care less about the cooling, the tower does look awesome. Interestingly, BMW have had a part to play in the design of this case.

There are red LED lights around the sides and coming out of the fan area and there’s even a place for that oh-so-important LCD screen on the front. There are 9 bays included in the case, 6 for your 3.5″ HDD or 2.5″ SSD and the other 3 for your 5.25″ – the 5.25″s are accessible and the 3.5″s hidden.

Pricing will put most people out of the market for this ($699) so if you can afford this, you’ll probably have one hell of a screaming rig!.

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Price: $699.99
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