The technology week in View: December 21st 2007

Christmas is around the corner and the New Year only a few steps away. Busy times lie ahead for technology and IT but before that no doubt a number of gadgets are going to appear in stockings around Cristmas trees this year. Imagine my surprise when A missile launcher arrived in the post this morning. I actually got sent a USB missile launcher by McAfee as part of their ongoing promotion for their data protection products. It is a motorised soft-missile launcher that you can have endless fun targetting in on your chosen nemesis then releasing a barrage of fire upon them.

You might be taking a lot of photographs this year, or even pruning and renaming your photo collection. A lot of phones use a naming convention that starts DSCxxxxx.jpg for photographs so you may find this tip handy: Tip: Quickly rename a bunch of files in Windows Explorer to make your photograph file names a little more readable. You might even be thinking about uploading your photographs or perhaps even starting your very own Blog. If so you might have some doubts so let me give you some reasons why Why Blogging is not a waste of time and why you might find it useful.

Back to reality and carrying on from my investigations into thumb phones for rolling out to our field based users I have been looking at the Sony Ericcson p1i and in particular how it fares against the Nokia e61i which I have jotted some notes about in Sony Ericsson p1i and the Nokia e61i – it is surprising how phones that are similar on paper can be so different in practice. Finger size is all important in these devices and it is imperative to choose a phone that fits but it is just as important to ensure that it contains the functionality needed in a usable way.

If you work in or near networks you may be thinking about a useful tool to monitor and inventory all those devices – especially after Christmas when all your users are bringing in their Christmas toys to play with one the system! A great product to look at would be Spiceworks which has recently had quite a large update with its v2 release. Spiceworks 2 is now much quicker and received a number of useful enhancements so it is well worth checking out.

Well that’s about it for this week so from everyone here at a very merry Christmas.

By Jason Slater

Technology journalist and blogger, software developer, ex-IT Manager.