The Latest on GottaHave – The Geeks’ PriceGrabber Blog

If you haven’t been reading GottaHave, PriceGrabber’s Gadget blog, penned by your very own Geeks (us of course!), then you’re missing out on some cool articles. For example, did you know that Rock Band rocks? (PS> it does.) Digital Readers may be here to stay; desk lighting can be cool; SanDisk is making USB hubs cool-looking and better still, TV hookable; Creative put out a 32GB Flash memory multimedia player; and you can get a UMPC today.Check out the site and stay tuned by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Oh yes, one more plug – if you’re ever shopping and need some Price Comparisons, then do use the Gizmos for Geeks’ Price Comparison site (in conjunction with PriceGrabber). You can always find the link “Compare Prices” in the top navigation bar (just look a little further north on the page).