The technology week in view: 7th April 2008

Our server virtualisation project is moving along apace recently – we have decommissioned a number of physical servers and moved to a virtual server platform and I can happily report that virtualising takes time but it is worth it, especially as we have been seeing green recently. Mind you the reduction in power requirements from the physical servers is definitely a small step in the green direction for improving technology and the environment – not only that but the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) last longer as their load is less – win win so far. Receiving the “call out” request in the middle of the night because the UPS has ran out is never a happy call especially when it has been a long late night trying to get the kids to bed but the phone vibrates away and duty calls. Whilst on the subject of mobile phones – mine is due for renewal (Goodbye Mobile, Hello Mobile) and I am quite keen on the Nokia N95 8GB which was talked about by the Chief Gizmateer at the back end of last year but it will take a lot to move me away from my trusty Sony Ericsson K800i. The 5MP camera on the Nokia may just swing it for me.

In the Blogosphere I have been thinking and reading a lot recently (SEO: A simple introduction (part 1)) about trying to improve the reach of a number of web sites I am involved with, especially our business ones, and I’ve been reading in particular about web site ranking popularity services, especially Alexa – traffic ranking to try and find out if services like these really help to connect with the Internet world, or whether we should stick to the more typical method of using keywords and crossing our fingers. What are your thoughts? I know that great content is the key but in a crowded marketplace even great content needs a helping hand to reach the right readers sometimes.

On a lighter note, Monk and Norris have been busy trying to re-organise their e-mail archive in Monk and his IT junk #20 and Monk has been taken aback by the latest shocking way to go about Network Diagnostics. The Daily Notion ponders life in oops, we have run out of time. Talking of running out of time that’s if for this week except to say I have changed the design layout (again!) on my Blog and would appreciate your feedback:

By Jason Slater

Technology journalist and blogger, software developer, ex-IT Manager.


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