EU says “Yes” to mile-high calls

Oh no. The European Commission said Monday that they plan to allow airlines to offer cellphone calls to passengers across the EU. This may sound like good news to cellphone carriers, airlines (who probably stand to gain a cut), and overzealous businessmen, but not to my ears. People (at least on the flights I’m on in the States) are already obnoxious enough on the tarmacs with their mobiles. Perhaps with some guidelines and/or rules, it may not be terrible, but I’m not holding my breath as airlines have done nothing to curtail those loudmouths, the same ones who don’t turn their phones off when they’re supposed to.

Now, I’m not against midair Internet access, mind you. Can’t get enough of that, and although the FCC voted to allow that over 3 years ago, we’re yet to see much of that in the States. Drag.

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