Drink No More – Keep Your Pets Away from the Toilet Bowl

If you don’t provide your pets with clean, fresh water, then they’re going to instintively find water and if they’re in a closed house, that place is typically the toilet bowl! But you already know that this can be potentially harmful to your pet. So how do you keep those furry snouts away from the… Continue reading Drink No More – Keep Your Pets Away from the Toilet Bowl

Finis 3.1Gb waterproof MP3 player

Here’s another water-related product from FINIS, a 3.1Gb MP3 player that can be submerged in water, so you can use it for swimming. The SwiMP3 player works like the Audio Bone Headphones and transmits the sound to your cheekbones by vibration. Sound strange, but it works surprisingly well. The SwiMP3 plays MP3 and WMA files… Continue reading Finis 3.1Gb waterproof MP3 player

Scuba Masks With Cameras

Sports items with built in cameras are nothing new, but they can still be highly impressive and innovative, especially when inside an underwater sports item such as a scuba mask. This is where Liquid Image come in – they supply 4 masks with built in cameras set into the top of them to record your… Continue reading Scuba Masks With Cameras

Inflatable Backyard Water Park

What could anyone child possibly want except a 10.5 foot inflatable water park for their back garden? It includes one large slide and one smaller one, to keep a small party entertained for a decent amount of time; all you need is a simple garden hose to power the sprinklers. This toy would be perfect… Continue reading Inflatable Backyard Water Park

Bedol water-powered clock

Ditch batteries altogether, and run this digital clock on water. Yup, water (and some lemon juice). This green-friendly clock uses its built-in electrodes to sip whatever power it needs from the acidic water. Just one caveat – you need to change the water every 5-7 weeks. Seems like a small price to save landfills from… Continue reading Bedol water-powered clock

Phoenix Mars Lander confirms existence of water on Mars

While we’re not really a science blog, this news seemed big enough to post. The Phoenix Mars mission has confirmed that water exists on Mars by what they call ‘touch and taste’ tests, electronically of course. Next up, Phoenix will extend its mission through the end of September to search for life on Mars. They’ve… Continue reading Phoenix Mars Lander confirms existence of water on Mars

Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Do you love to entertain friends and family often? If you are like me, you probably feel like you are going to melt outside during the hot summer evenings. Unfortunately, for a lot of people out there with the same aversion to heat like me, it just doesn’t seem like much fun to get out… Continue reading Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System