Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure – mini Water Park

Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure

The countdown is on for July 4th and the start of summer. It also means some hot weather across the US. That just means you’ll be wanting to jump in a pool or better yet, head to a water park.

On the other hand, water amusement parks are typically crowded and well, getting into a pool of water with thousands of other people can be dicey. What if you could just have your very own mini water park in your own backyard.

No driving, no lines, no waiting, no dealing with unknown germs! And pretty affordable. This Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park even has a water slide. A water slide! In your backyard. Did we mention that this can be right outside your house?!

Inflates in less than 3 minutes and has a continuous-airflow motor to keep it inflated.

PS> check out more summer goodies that you can get in time for the holidays.

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Price: $575
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