15 Technologies That Changed The Way We Watch Television

It’s easy to take for granted how important your television really is. It revolutionized how information spreads, empowered the common man and helped end practices that governments could no longer keep under wraps.

But in the bustle of life, it’s easy to lose sight of the TV advances that gave society so much power. Consider this article an eye opener; below you’ll find some of the most important (and oft-forgotten) gadgetry that brought TV to where it is today…

BillShrink now compares Cable/Satellite TV Packages

BillShrink LogoRemember BillShrink, the service that compares pricing on services and items like credit cards, cell phone plans, gas, and bank accounts? Well they’ve just added a new item – TV and cable packages.

They claim that they compare over 1 billion packages. Cable TV? Satellite? Fiber? Throw in a DVR? What if you have multiple TVs and rooms?

By the way, did you know that the average American house has almost 3 TVs? Or that we spend over $1000/yr on TV services?

Khaki TV Visor

Khaki TV Visor The Khaki TV Visor fits most MP3 players including the iPod and iPhone and provides a movie theater experience or virtual reality experience on the go.

The TV Visor experience sets you apart from the crowd. The earbuds supply an amazing surround sound home theater like quality, and the unique specially designed magnification system with adjustable focal length provides the quality and resolution you expect from systems costing hundreds of dollars. TV Visor’s optical resolution meets or exceeds wear-on eyeglass with battery powered viewers. No batteries are required! Your expensive iPod, iPhone or MP3 player fits snugly in a secure pouch and is protected from the elements. Holes are provided so you can use your camera without glare, even at the beach, while sand stays away from your gear.

TV Visor blocks out sound and light, turning an ordinary experience into an extraordinary theater experience. You will be engrossed in your favorite TV Show or YouTube movie in no time. Try it, and you won’t put TV Visor down.

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Price: $29.95

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Did LOST Answer Your Questions?

LOST logoFor a prime-time TV show that wasn’t on Sci-Fi (SyFy), LOST was pretty geeky and brainy. It also had lots (and I do mean a ton) of unanswered questions leading into the finale. So much so that there were easily a few dozen articles with lists of questions that begged for answers. Some were answered last night, but probably not enough.

So what do you think? Was the finale satisfying?

EyeTV Hybrid – TV Tuner for your PC/Mac. Pause and Record Live TV

eyeTV hybridSure, it may look like only a USB Thumb Drive, but the EyeTV Hybrid is a TV tuner stick for either PC or Mac. That means it can let you watch over-the-air TV (both analog and digital) on your computer.

It also acts as a DVR, letting you pause and record live television (including HD TV). It can also capture video from a VCR or set-top box (like cable/satellite TV boxes).

Additionally, it comes with software for editing and managing your recorded content, as well as an IR remote control and a 1-yr subscription to TV Guide.

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Google teams up with Intel, Sony to make Google TV set-top boxes

Google is pushing to get Android into other hardware, such as set-top boxes, and in turn to get their ads into more markets and in front of more eyeballs. To that ends, they have teamed up with Sony and Intel to develop something called, naturally, Google TV.

google tvGoogle TV is pretty much a re-imagining of the ill-fated WebTV, where a set-top box brings the Web to your TV screen. Of course, today, there are many different set-top boxes vying for your dollars and space in your AV shelf, including but not limited to media centers, DVRs, place-shifting boxes (like the Slingbox) and much more.

Who knows? Perhaps this version could fare better (think Palm vs the Newton). Of course, the Internet’s pervasiveness is exponentially greater than when WebTV first appeared.

One additional difference will be that the Google Android platform will allow for the software to be embedded in more devices than just the set-top box.

Press Release

Wireless Page to TV Magnifier puts your books’ words up on your TV screen

wireless magnifierUse one of your home’s largest gadget, your TV, to enhance one of the most low-tech activities we all do: read. The Wireless Page to TV Magnifier is a mouse-sized gizmo that scans your books or magazines and sends the image wirelessly to your TV in real time, magnifying it up to 25x it’s actual size.

The scanner is a 655×488 pixel scanner, and there’s a wireless base that plugs into your television via an RCA video cable. This would be a great gift for a lot of people, who enjoy reading but it’s too much of a strain on their eyes.

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Watch TV on the go with Flo TV Personal Television

flo tv personal televisionQualcomm is now pushing FLO TV somewhat independently of Verizon of AT&T by offering the FLO TV Personal Television, a handheld 3.5″ QVGA gadget that you can watch live TV on.

You can also get FLO TV on select phones as well as in your car. The monthly rate is $14.99 and you get over 15 channels.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this takes off, given the limited # of channels and monthly fee. I’d much rather have a placeshifter like a Slingbox.

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More info from the manufacturer
Price: $249.99 plus monthly service fee
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Western Digital’s WD TV Live plays/streams full 1080p HD, music and photos and Internet radio

wd tv liveWestern Digital is still in the media player game, and their latest model improves upon the last one. The WD TV Live plays back HD video, music & photos whether they’re on your computer, your USB drives, or the Net on your TV.

It still comes in an ugly little black box with what looks like an elf’s remote.  One nice feature is that you can connect as many USB drives as you want to it for practically unlimited storage.

WD TV Live can connect to the Net to play back YouTube videos, Flickr photos and stream music from Pandora and

Like the Netgear EVA2000, this is a pretty inexpensive media player, and would be a decent introduction to the media streamer gadget.

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Price: $119.99
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CES 2010: Panasonic Boasts 152″ 3D Plasma TV – World’s Largest

In a recurring theme at CES over the past few years, some large TV vendor is sure to outdo the previous year’s record of largest television set. This year it’s Panasonic who have announced a 152″ Full HD 3D Plasma display. Yes, 152 diagonal inches!

This is a 4096 x 2160 pixel panel that uses something called a “HD x 2 frame sequential method” for displaying discrete HD images for the left and right eyes. This is the same method uses in 3D theaters.

[press release]

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