Article Recap for the Week Ending Apr 24, 2009

Here are some of our notable articles for the past week. First we pondered whether Twitter’s popularity would last. Google News now has a Timeline of Events – nice feature.

We noticed that YouTube were looking to accept full length and legal content, while Fuijitsu have developed some secure new memory sticks. Adobe announced their plans to integrate Flash technology with TVs.

Oracle is picking up where IBM left off, buying out Sun for around $7 billion. That’s a lot of Rubik’s Cube Clocks!

See Timeline of Events on Google News

news-timeline-of-eventsI usually have no reason to visit websites to read news as I take it all in via RSS feeds using Netvibes (fantastic reader by the way), but now I have a really cool reason to visit Google News. They’ve launched a new feature called “Timeline of articles” which shows you events and other related news items related to a story chronologically.

Just click on the green link to see all related stories at the bottom of the story.

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