BioLogic ReeCharge Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack

BioLogic ReeChargeCharging your gadgets via solar panels is old news and, to be honest, so is charging your gadgets when cycling. However, the BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon deserves a mention here just for doing it just a little bit cooler than others.

The ReeCharge is a 1600 mAh Lithium Battery that gets strapped to your bike and plugged into your dynamo (not included). When you’re cycling around in the day you won’t need to use your light and so you can instead use the power being generated by your dynamo and store it in this battery. …

Wireless Power Consortium hopes to standardize everyone on Qi for wireless charging

Remember Fulton’s eCoupled wireless charging solution? Well, Fulton got together with some other big power hitters such as Philips, National Semiconductor, Sanyo and others to form the Wireless Power Consortium, their main purpose being to create and guide a wireless power charging standard.

Wireless Power ConsortiumThey named their standard Qi (as in the Chinese life force). Now, actual working products are starting to emerge. For example, Dell’s Latitude Z uses the technology, and now Energizer is releasing its Inductive Charger for the iPhone and Blackberry Curve and even for the Wii.

Of course, you probably also know about Powermat, but they are a competing technology. Ah, technology wars – let us count the ways we hate thee.

Review: Wet Circuits’ Water Resistant Power Strip

Wet Circuits Water Resistant Power StripWhen the folks at Wet Circuits contacted me about reviewing their water resistant power strips, I couldn’t refuse after seeing their demo videos – they were cute but powerful demonstrations. Their 4-outlet power strips can be practically submerged in water and still operate without electrocuting you in the process. Read on for the full review.

USBCell batteries are rechargeable via USB

usbcell rechargeable batteriesUSBCell is a new take on rechargeable batteries – they’re recharged via USB power – just pop the top and plug them into any available standard sized USB port.

They’re not as cheap, but they’ll last a lot longer than your regular one-and-done batteries. Now while the capacity of these are not quite as good as typical rechargeables (we like Energizers), the advantage is that you don’t have to lug around a charger, and any ubiquitous USB port will do.

Get rechargeable batteries (like the USBCells) if you’re a huge battery user. Stop dumping old toxic batteries back into the system. Remember that even recycling takes energy and isn’t 100% efficient; there’s still waste.

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More info from the manufacturer
Price: $18.85 for 2AA cells
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

CES 2010: Easy Energy’s YoGen – Ripcord Power Generator

Turn that food you eat into energy and then convert that to power for your gadgets using Easy Energy’s YoGen ripcord-pulling charger. Just pull the cord a few times repeatedly to build up enough power to get your device running for a few minutes. Watch the video to quickly get the idea.

easy energy yogen

Power is pushed out via the built-in mini-USB connector. You can get it directly from Easy Energy for $40.

FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger – Power Your Electronic Gadgets via the Sun

We recently reviewed the iTech SolarCharger 906, and here’s another similar portable solar charger, the FreeLoader. Like the iTech, the FreeLoader can either be charged up via the Sun’s rays or from a more conventional power source.

It has a 1000mAh Li-ion battery to hold its charger and comes with 11 adapater tips to supply power to a variety of electronic devices. The FreeLoader is about the same price as the SolarCharger 906, but we like that the SolarCharger come with a protective case and a windshield car mount.

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Price: $49.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Review: TrickleStar’s PC TrickleSaver and PC TrickleSwitch power conservation gadgets

TrickleStar is a tech company that makes a line of products geared to save you money with your energy usage. We reviewed 2 of their products that go hand in hand. The main product is the PC TrickleSaver. It basically works by monitoring your computer (via USB cable) to see if it’s on. If it’s not, then it kills the power to any devices you have plugged into the TrickleSaver. You can look at the TrickleSaver as a different take on similar power conservation products like the Smart Strip.

If you have numerous devices about your office and/or main computer that you never think about shutting down when not in use, then the TrickleSaver can save you some money, by automatically cutting the power to them. However, before you rush out and buy one, you should consider whether or not this makes sense for you.

Dell Latitude Z is thin, light and packed with new features

Dell has a new laptop line – the Latitude Z, which touts thin and light along with its standout feature: wireless charging.

Currently, only 1 model is available, the Z 600, but it is chock full of cool features. For starters, this a 16″ 1600×900 screen and the claim is that at 4.5 pounds, the world’s lightest 16″ – not hard to believe. It is just over half an inch thick (or should we say thin?) at 0.57″ to be exact.

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