Dell Latitude Z is thin, light and packed with new features

Dell has a new laptop line – the Latitude Z, which touts thin and light along with its standout feature: wireless charging.

Currently, only 1 model is available, the Z 600, but it is chock full of cool features. For starters, this a 16″ 1600×900 screen and the claim is that at 4.5 pounds, the world’s lightest 16″ – not hard to believe. It is just over half an inch thick (or should we say thin?) at 0.57″ to be exact.

Another cutting-edge feature, that even Apple can’t boast of (yet), is the EdgeTouch sensor on the side of the screen that can be touched to get you quick access to apps or even used as a scroll bar.

The screen and keyboard are backlit, and the 2.0 Megapixel webcam will auto-focus. The webcam is also coupled to Dell’s FaceAware technology which can be used to detect when you’ve moved away from the laptop and automatically log you out for additional security.

Perhaps the most noticeable and gee-whiz feature is the wireless inductive charging dock. No need to plug in any more – just lay the machine on the dock surface.

Latitude Z also comes with Dell’s Instant on technology named “Latitude ON” (how novel) that lets you get access to e-mail, calendar, contacts & web browser (Firefox) in seconds without having to boot up the whole OS.

Some users may also like the wireless dock that gives you keyboard, mouse and monitor without needing the laptop to be sitting on the desk with those devices.

The Z 600 has an Intel Core 2 Duo, at least 2GB DDR3 memory, a 64GB solid state drive, Intel 4500MHD graphics card and an Intel 802.11a/g/n WiFi card.

Here is a 4-minute video that Dell has put together to show off the Z’s features.

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Price: starts at $1,799
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