Wireless Power plucked out of the air via Radio Waves

Radio WavesWe’ve been writing about ‘wireless power’ for some time now, including Fulton’s eCoupled technology and Powermat’s gadget recharging pad. Here’s another installment in that technology trend – this time, it’s power via radio waves.

Powercast is one company that designs and sells radio wave transmitters and receivers that use those very same radio waves to power low-power sensors and other devices. Intel and the NSF are also involved in similar research.

There are more than a few researchers and commercial entities working on the technology and there are already numerous targeted applications that could stand to be outfitted with this technology in lieu of the traditional battery.

For example,  a digital thermometer only uses 1 microwatt (μW) while a solar calculator uses around 5 μW. And just imagine – no more changing batteries and having gadgets run much longer.

This would fantastic for the environment should we be able to make the transition.

via NYTimes

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